Lucky Evil Eye Bracelets Miyuki Beads Woven Bracelet



  • Bokiiway 2021 Handmade Gorgeous Evil Eye Bracelets, this evil eye bracelet designed by USA ex-Pandora Designer Anna, they are very special and limited. Miyuki Evil Eye Bracelets is made with glass Miyuki beads. The beads are from Japan and every bead is handmade and one of a kind. No other country or material is like this. Each bead is made to uniform size so the pattern will be precise. 
  • Evil eye: The evil eye is a symbol of protection, this Miyuki Beads Evil Eye Bracelet give you good luck & protect you everyday.


    • Japan Miyuki Beads
    • 100% handmade with care:  with 1600 Miyuki Beads, it normally takes our skilled artisans 2-3 hours for making one Miyuki Evil Eye Bracelets.


    • Length: 12cm; Weigh:11g;

       Learn About Miyuki Beads 


    • Handmade in Japan.


    • Special Offer: Buy 3pcs get 1pcs for free now! (please add 3pcs to the cart )

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