The History of Miyuki Handmade Jewelry(2020)

The History of Miyuki Handmade Jewelry(2020)

The History of Miyuki Handmade Jewelry

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About Miyuki handmade jewelry. About 60 years ago, Seiichi first encountered some glass seed beads and was immediately fascinated by their brilliance and beauty, like miyuki tila bracelet, miyuki earrings etc.


Therefore, in 1949, he was committed to learning the art of making glass seed beads . MIYUKI glass beads are regarded as "world standard" due to their high quality, brilliance and uniform shape. MIYUKI has been continuously innovating and producing many novel and wonderful beads, such as Delica, Beads, Drop Beads and Twisted Beads, which are subject to fashion design Teachers, artists and beaded fans highly appreciate Delica Beads, the best cylindrical beads, bead weaving developed for bead weaving.


Because of its beautiful luster and fine lines, the bead weaving has become one of the popular techniques of the Victorian era. Today, Miy.: The meaning of hand-knitted jewelry is not only a decorative material for many people who like fashion and handicrafts, but also a symbol of taste and culture. It is a deep feeling in the heart.


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