The History Of Miyuki Beads-Bokiway handmade jewelry

The History Of Miyuki Beads-Bokiway handmade jewelry

The History Of Miyuki Beads

It is said that the first equipment that humans use to decorate themselves is a series of thorns and beads made by drilling holes in shells and gems. Recently, a survey conducted by research organizations such as Lunjiao University found that three shells excavated from remains in Israel and Algeria have holes in the center. These are the oldest ornaments of mankind 100,000 years ago.

bokiway Miyuki Beads

It is believed to be beads. In Japan, it was unearthed from an ancient tomb. It seems that it is also regarded as a tool to decorate and protect women. It is said that glass beads were manufactured in the middle of the Yayoi period. Thousands of glass Beads are carefully stored in SHOKUR ^IN as a precious material. The origin of the word "bead" comes from the Anglo-Saxon theories of "BIDDAN" and "BEDE". It is sacred and is also used as a religious etiquette because of Rosario used in Christian churches. The ball is a bead ball. In this way, the beads have been loved by women from ancient times to the present, whether the East is the West or the West, and their gorgeousness and exquisiteness continue to fascinate women.

Now, the beads are not limited to accessories, but can also be used For bags, shoes, hair accessories, clothes, dresses, handicrafts, and even works of art, from an ornament to fashion indispensable decorative art. We are spreading our wings under various cultures. MIYUKI's glass pearl is dazzling and charming Glorious and wonderful beauty attracts us! Gorgeous and high-quality, not only famous in Japan, but also known as the world's highest quality "world standard" worldwide. Accessories manufacturers, craftsmen and enthusiasts from all over the world "MIYUKI FOR GLASS BEADs' great reputation is due to their firm trust in quality. The refined, precise and homogeneous quality proves MIYUKI's unique high-level technology.
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