How to make a tila stretch bracelet?

How to make a tila stretch bracelet?


It is said that the first equipment that humans use to decorate themselves is a series of thorns and beads made by drilling holes in shells and gems. Do you love tila bracelets on wrists everything this year? Have you thought about making your won? Bokiway tila beads bracelets desinger are fun and all. We will Show you the tila bracelet tutorial.


What You need:

  • Miyuki Tila Glass Beads
  • The stretch cord
  • scissor or cutters
  • clear nail polish

 bokiway tila beads


Start by cutting two strands of 16-18" stretchy cord. Tie the ends into a single knot.


Miyuki Tila beads are flat, two-holed glass squares. Both sides are slightly domed and have 2 .8mm parallel holes. They come in a huge variety of colors and 3 different sizes: quarter, half and full square, which the possibilities endless when it comes to different color combinations. You'll thread the beads onto both strands of stretchy cord at a time.


Continue adding beads until you've reached the desired length. Remember that you won't be leaving any room for a clasp for this bracelet! Once you've finished adding your beads, undo the initial knot you made.


Tie one set of strands into a tight double knot. This can be a little tricky as the bracelet will try to flip on you but just be patient! When the first knot is tied, tie the 2nd strand into a tight double knot. Then carefully place a very tiny dollop of clear nail polish on both knots.


Allow to dry completely before trimming away any excess. Your bracelet is ready to wear. And I dare you to make just one!

Do you want to buy a tila bracelet? Go for it! :)




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