How Do Healing Crystals Work?

How Do Healing Crystals Work?

How Do Healing Crystals Work?

Top Healing Crystals for Improved Mental Health

From acupuncture and acupressure to Himalayan salt lamps and yoga, there has been an increasing trend on the use of alternative medicine to manage stress, pain, and extreme emotions. One of the most famous is the use of healing crystals to improve your mental and physical health.

This upward trend has been observed to be due to its minimal risk of experiencing side effects as opposed to traditional or complementary medicine.

It has become highly popular with people who suffer from chronic illnesses and those who just seek to feel better.  As a matter of fact, healing crystal advocates and alternative medicine healers all over the world firmly believe that integrating crystals in your daily activities can promote relaxation and positivity.

What are healing crystals?

Healing crystals are minerals that have formed (known as crystalline-like salt) either abruptly or over a long period of time. They can transfer energy that improves the circulation of good energy and body movement.

How do healing crystals work?

It is believed by many that crystals emit energy that induces healing from within. When heat and pressure is applied on crystals, it “grows” and “sheds” some of its energy.

In crystal healing, these are the three key facts to remember: 

  1. Healing Properties

Each stone has chemical properties that when used for a particular ailment, it can help the person through the healing process. Different kinds of healing crystals have their own capabilities to heal. That’s why there are some stones one would be naturally “drawn” to.

  1. Positioning of Stones

Crystals can be most effective when positioned in the right chakra. There are seven chakras in the body. Every chakra has a specific function and role.

The seven chakras in our body are:

When you understand what ails you and what you want to work on in your mind and body, it becomes easier to look for the right healing crystal for you.

  1. Proper Pairing
By knowing the right crystal properties and pairing them for your “health intentions”, one can utilize the benefits of crystals.   

    Below is a table of common healing crystals and their intended uses:

    Benefits of Healing Crystals in Jewelry

    Crystals have long been worn by healers, shamans, and ancient rulers. Egyptians have been using them to ward off sickness and help them focus.

    With Cape Diablo pieces, you can easily integrate holistic healing into your daily activities without compromising style. With lots of colors and styles to choose from, healing can be a few outfit changes away.

    Here are the top picks from Cape Diablo:

    Top 3 Healing Crystals for Improved Mental Health

    • Healing Topaz Queen Silver Wrap Bracelet


    When things are too stressful, step back and enter into a meditative state with this wrap filled with topaz that can help you stabilize your emotions.

    • Natural Stones Charm Necklace


    Wear this Natural Stones Charm Necklace for a positive mental state. It can help you through a break-up, promote self-forgiving, and helps keep you calm under pressure. It will facilitate your nurturing skills.

    • Purple Quartz Teardrop Earrings


    This pair helps you achieve balance, reduce headaches while aids in improving your immune system, and can assist in overcoming anxiety or panic.

    There are numerous accounts of people who have improved their health through alternative medicine. The power of positive thinking is a huge factor in improving your heart, body, and soul. By wearing our handmade crystal jewelry, you can make the very first step into your self-improving and self-healing journey.

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